2nd September, 2018: A report on the Third Annual Siblings meet

This Siblings GB meet was all about siblings sharing their coming out and acceptance stories with everyone .

Queer coexistence with the rest of the society was widely discussed along with how support from siblings and family makes life all the more bearable. Folks from different age groups shared their experiences with the stigma and stereotypes that they battle and how they overcome their demons.

In the end we broadened our horizon by realising that it’s not just gay men who’re closeted , everybody has a closet , marginalized folks have several closets, women have their closets too. We’re in this together. Having pride in one’s identity is a way to breakthrough such limitations .

The utopian future,where sexuality is normalized, that we so dearly dream of would come into existence once we accept ourselves and take pride in our being.

– Ashmit

3rd September, 2017: GB Siblings Meet (19th Anniversary Event)

We at GB are once again having the GB Siblings Meet. This will be our second meet with siblings of the LGBTQ+ community.

“Children of the same family, the same blood, with the same first associations and habits, have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connexions can supply.”― Jane Austen.

Siblings have shared some of your most intimate moments in childhood. Sometimes, they link so closely to you they are the first people you feel comfortable to share your innermost secrets. They help you deal with your peers out in society because they are your peers right within the safest environment that you call your home. They may be the first people you come out to, or the first who stand by you, against the world.

GayBombay wanted to celebrate this relationship. So we at GB wanted to call upon all of you, who have brothers and sisters from the community, to come for this special meet. This is just a way of sharing, of bringing the beauty and uniqueness of your sibling relationship into a short limelight, for the space of an evening to others.

Time: 6 pm (18 00 hours), assemble at Gate Number 4, Versova Metro Station.

Venue: Our venue at Seven Bungalows, Versova.
Prior to the meet, assembly at Gate Number 4, Versova Metro Station.

Versova is a metro station and the western terminus of Line 1 of the Mumbai Metro serving the Versova neighbourhood of Andheri in Mumbai, India. The station is located at Seven Bungalows.

At 6:30pm: We move to a home venue a few minutes walk away for chat and discussions
Free Entry; refreshments and tea will be served

As it is a home venue with presence of family members, please dress appropriately; Gay Bombay meets are inclusive, LGBTQ+ members and allies are welcome!


Here are some pictures from the last GB Siblings Meet.