29th April, 2018: I Am Divine So Are You (Videos)

GAYBOMBAY conducted the book reading of I AM DIVINE, SO ARE YOU – edited by Jerry Johnson, in collaboration with Devdutt Pattanaik.

At G5A Laxmi Mills Estate, Shakti Mills Lane, on April 29, 2018

I Am Divine,  So Are You, edited by Jerry Johnson, brings in perspectives from the Karmic faiths of Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Hinduism, which together represent the beliefs of almost a third of the world’s population. For this, Jerry has partnered with many experts and practitioners of the faith, most popular among them being, the celebrated mythologist and author, Devdutt Pattanaik. Among the others are our very own Sachin Jain and Sukhdeep Singh.

The scriptures, culture, rituals and lived realities of the Karmic faiths are discussed, with a focus on how they lend themselves to a recognition and acceptance of fluidity in human sexuality, This is a landmark book as it recasts religion – especially Karmic faiths – as an ally of queer emancipation.

The program also includes, a spectacular ART Presentation by Devdutt and Jerry: A Journey into the Queer Heritage of India. (Based on their book)

The evening was as exciting as informative! Watch for yourself in the videos below!

Baby Steps, Short Gay Film

Baby Steps is one that caught our undivided attention! A beautiful, heartwarming and lighthearted 10-minute short film about a young man coming out to his mother about being gay and his mother in turn talking about her new relationship. The film truly captures the nervousness, resistance and hesitance that comes with falling in love. From a son introducing his gay lover to a mother coming out of her shell to talk about finding love in loneliness. There are some things we take for granted as children, but a mother’s unconditional acceptance should never be one.

– Akansha Bhatia, This Short LGBTQ Film Is A Must Watch For Its Message On Love

Devdutt PATTANAIK – GENDER FLUIDITY in Indian Mythology

Devdutt PATTANAIK’S talk on “Sexual Fluidity in Indian Mythology” – at IIT BOMBAY
The Talk was part of the Queer L!T Fest, organised by SAATHI


“…surveys show that nearly 60% of the LGBT people are harassed in their workplace, whether they are closeted or out… I think though, that if you are out, if you speak up, if you work with your company to create a framework both for you to be treated equally and for a culture of inclusion, it will be a step ahead rather than if you don’t…”


“We don’t allow anyone to discriminate on the basis of a variety of things including sexual orientation, gender performance, how one dresses and so on… we are committed to creating an LGBT friendly organisation through policies…”