2nd September, 2018: A report on the Third Annual Siblings meet

This Siblings GB meet was all about siblings sharing their coming out and acceptance stories with everyone .

Queer coexistence with the rest of the society was widely discussed along with how support from siblings and family makes life all the more bearable. Folks from different age groups shared their experiences with the stigma and stereotypes that they battle and how they overcome their demons.

In the end we broadened our horizon by realising that it’s not just gay men who’re closeted , everybody has a closet , marginalized folks have several closets, women have their closets too. We’re in this together. Having pride in one’s identity is a way to breakthrough such limitations .

The utopian future,where sexuality is normalized, that we so dearly dream of would come into existence once we accept ourselves and take pride in our being.

– Ashmit