21st March, 2019: GB Celebrates Holi at Juhu Beach

GB celebrates Holi at Juhu Beach on Friday – 21st March 2017

Timings – 12:00pm until 12:30pm at the Meeting Point

Meeting Point: The Shivaji statue near The Ramada Inn Palm Grove until 12:30 pm The statue is just off the main beach.

Post 12:30 pm, we will move onto the beach, just off the place where the Holi bonfire is made.

For those who have never experienced Holi on Juhu beach get set for a wild and fun-filled day. Juhu beach has always been a favourite destination for Mumbai-ites on Holi. The sea turns a deep shade of red that morning as gulaal-smeared young men throw off their clothes and plunge into the waters in huge numbers.

Look for a bunch of guys who are standing under the palm trees near the wall of the Ramada Inn, we’ll be looking out for you, too. If you are late look for us on the beach and in the water nearby!

GB, as a support group, has created this comfort/safe space for gays. Many people at the event may be “newbies” (those still coming to terms with their sexuality and/or those who have mustered the courage to come to such an event for the first time). We request you to be sensitive to the comfort levels of others and to behave and dress accordingly.

If you wish to bring your own colours (Gulaal) please make sure they are good quality, safe, and non-permanent.

Pre-packed, Branded Gulaal (with consistency of talcum powder) are now commonly available in shops everywhere.