Volunteers Required for the 2019 GB Talent Show

Help us in our annual talent show

What is Volunteering?

Volunteering is a social service activity to provide your time freely to help people of the LGBTQIA community. Volunteers do not expect for payment or economical gain but they can contribute time and resources.

For Volunteering, kindly send application at gbtalentshow@gmail.com

We require volunteers for the Annual Talent Show that GayBombay organises every year as a part of the anniversary month of September.

The show lasts for a few hours on a Sunday evening. Volunteering work would entail:

  • backstage management
  • coordination
  • communication

Please make sure that when you submit your application you do so after being absolutely sure of commitment.

If you are not already volunteering, please give it a try. It definitely is worth your time!

The 6th GB Annual Talent Show – Entries Closed

As you all know that September is the month in which GayBombay celebrates its birthday! Through that month, GB hosts several events spaced through the city.

One of those events happens to be the 6th ANNUAL GB TALENT SHOW

Since it garners rave popularity, we at the GB Team, have to ascertain that the level of performances have to be well-thought of and imbued with talent. Moreover, there are time constraints to think of and many people with lovely talent who wish to perform cannot be given their stage time.

In that vein, GB creates a proper structure to the event. The Talent Show has a panel of selectors who will first assess the participants over a period of time and finally decide on the selections.

Some Ideas for Variety Show Acts

Play an instrument

short skits/plays

Magic Tricks

Poetry reading

original dance routines


Singing groups and solos are welcome using instrumental music with no words

Other creative and appropriate presentations are welcome.

We are looking for dedicated, hard-working, and creative individuals and groups to participate.

What we will require from you:

Name: ___________
Group Members: ____

What is the title of your act?

Describe your Act

Please list the title of your music including the artist. (Only if you are using music.)

Please contact us at Gbtalentshow@gmail.com

Last date for submission is 31st July, 2019.

Please read the general guidelines before applying. Click Here.