8th Sept, 2019: PEP talk with Dr Gilada

GB Presents a PEP talk with DrGilada


You may know all these terms link to one big one – HIV. But its all so confusing and, frankly, scary, you would rather not think or do anything about them.

BIG mistake. HIV is an almost unavoidable risk for gay men and its best to be prepared because of one simple reason: other sexually transmitted diseases can be cured, but HIV still can’t be. If you get it, its a problem for life.

You can still have an entirely normal life if you are HIV+ but it means taking medicines life long which can be expensive, have side effects and cause problems for other medical issues. And, sadly, it still means facing some stigma, even in the gay community.

But now you have options. Safer sex is always the best one. Not combining sex and drugs is always best. And you can also take meds to prevent getting it either before (PrEP) or after (PEP) a possibly unsafe experience.

If there’s a problem you should know how and where to get tested, and how to understand the results. And if you do test HIV+ you should know how to handle it rationally, with access to the latest medicines available in India.

To learn about all this and more come for GB’s special anniversary month session on everything you wanted to know on HIV with DrGilada – a doctor was has been involved with HIV in Mumbai from when it first came.

Dr Gilada has seen the disease change from being death sentence to a manageable condition and also something that can be effectively prevented even though there is, yet, no vaccine.

Along with him we’ll have speakers like Jay Vithalani who has been living with HIV for many years, has written for Poz, the leading US magazine on HIV issues.

The meeting will be completely open to any questions, in an entirely non judgmental way and all confidences will be entirely respected.

Date: 8th September, 2019

Time: 4:30 PM onwards

Venue: First Floor, Doollaly Taproom, Khar West