7th April, 2019: GB Sunday Meet – in Memoriam

She was affectionately called Munni Pua.

She was the aunt of one of GayBombay’s first members, Harpreet. Her association with one of GayBombay’s primary supporters began in the summer of 2000. 

GB always collected for the monthly Sunday meet at McDonald’s, Bandra. On one such Sunday, the assorted collection of boys was asked to vacate the McDonald premises. So Harpreet called his aunt up, as she lived in Pali, a short distance away from where the boys were. He asked if he could get the boys there to carry on with their meeting. Without a moment’s hesitation, she invited them over.

 Since then, Sunday meets were held at Munni Pua’s place at Pali, Bandra. For a short time, they moved to another aunt’s place, and then another member’s home and then another. But the meets returned to the home of Munni Pua for the rest of the time she lived in Bandra. She was a true liberal in thought, word and deed. 

She has been an avid supporter of the LGBT movement.

Munni Pua passed away on 4thMarch, 2019. Here are some words from a few members of the LGBT community, in memoriam.

“She was an LGBT warrior.” 
-Bhuushan Kulkarni

She was empathy, compassion and unconditional love personified – a rare and genuine person who touched many hearts, including my own.
-Shailen Bhandare

In my visits to the GB meets it was always so positive to see her being there for all of us. Her memories will be cherished forever. 
-Neil Sui

She was indeed a light for many of us and our families. 
-Jerry Johnson

I remember her and how she always radiated love towards all of us.
-Parmesh Shahani

I still remember meeting her for the first time many years ago (2000) when you first introduced me to the gb group and had me over to her place for one of your fabulous gb parties. I said to myself: wow She is the most fabulous person I know! 
-Nick D’Souza

Her public declaration of standing by our sides speaks volumes of someone who lived beyond her time and her generation. I feel so honored and grateful to have met her, known her, talked to her. This loss is deep for how it affects us all, for how she touched us in the biggest of ways in the littlest of time. This loss is painful for all of us who knew how remarkable she really was and what an indelible mark she left on all of us. How fortunate I feel that our paths crossed, though briefly. 
-Sonali Gulati

My brilliant, sensitive, loving, particular, generous bua has passed. I have no real words right now. All I can say is that I shall miss the light she brought to my life and so many others. She was the first person after my mother I came out to, because I knew her heart and her outlook. I love you lots, Pua. Thank you for being there for me.
-Harpreet Singh

GB would like to dedicate the meet, on the first Sunday of April, to her memory. 

Date: 7thApril, 2019. 

Time: 17:30 hrs. (5:30pm)

Address: 403, Atlantis, J. P. Road, Seven Bungalows, Versova.

The last meet at Munni Pua’s in Bandra.

Pua congratulating the community on 6th September, 2018