GB Talent Show – General Rules and Guidelines

GB Talent Show General Rules & Guidelines

  1. A play/musical is limited to 45 minutes maximum.
  2. A troupe/group act is limited to 20 minutes maximum.
  3. An individual/duo act is limited to 10 minutes maximum.
  4. Each production can have one act.
  5. Participants in one production can have separate acts – but not under the same production name.
  6. If stage rehearsals required, the participants/production need to inform the GB Talent Show committee ( and the committee will furnish you with the details: like availability and separate charges made by the venue.
  7. No participant should go to the venue without informing the GB Talent Show committee ( (This is because venues have had issues with repeated visits from productions, in the past.)
  8. No separate lighting and sound allowed on behalf of participants – we will arrange for the same on GB’s own behalf, for the entire show, as a whole.
  9. The combination of lights and sound will be made known well in advance.
  10. No rehearsals allowed on the day of the show.
  11. Make-up room time will be allocated according to each time of performance.
  12. Entry to make up room not allowed before allocated time.
  13. Extensive make-up requiring a longer period of time needs to be taken into consideration by the participants, as the availability for make-up rooms are dependent on time and number of participants.
  14. No video recording allowed without permission of the performers and, if video rights acquired, the recording has to be done without interfering with the audience perspective.
  15. Please note: Your performance at the GB Talent Show will be recorded and/or photographed for future publicity of the show.
  16. The recording/photography may be used for future endorsement and advertising of the future talent shows. In case, you wish this future public endorsement not happen you have to intimate the organisers in advance i.e. before your performance.
  17. After the first shortlist, some selected artists/groups will be called to a venue for a final audition.

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