Sunday Meet (Bandra) Report (03/2014)

By Saloni

When I found the GB website, I was just looking for someone to talk to. A judgement free and liberal environment. This Sunday’s meeting with the people associated with this group was actually my first interaction with the gay community in such an open fashion. I guess I was expecting a more serious discourse and a more meaningful discussion but what did transpire during the meeting did well for a start I suppose.

It was really nice of Harpreet and the Buas to welcome me into their home and their efforts in creating such a forum are in itself highly commendable. The food did wonders for calming my anxiety 😛

I got the chance to meet some really inspiring people and found information about the incredible work some people were doing to help bring everyone in this country on an equal footing.

What did make me a little uncomfortable was the talk about sex even though it was quite fleeting and harmless. But then this is just my personal perspective. Mind you…not talking about the discussion on HIV. Also, given that this was supposed to be a free and open atmosphere some people did come across as being judgemental with a holier than thou attitude. This is, of course, my personal perception and I’m sure that no one in the meeting meant any ill well towards anyone else. Also, I had expected the discussion to be a little more basic and related to real life personal issues but then again, this was my fault. Should not have expected a group which has been meeting and partying regularly for so long to dwell much on the basics which I’m sure have been covered multiple times in the past.

Having said all this, I am incredibly grateful to the organisers for this initiative. Interaction with a couple of really nice people post the meeting made the entire exercise completely worthwhile. 🙂

I sincerely hope my honesty is not too scathing.

Gay Bombay 15th Anniversary Meet: Report (09/2013)

By Vikas

“Tera saath hai toh mujhe kya kami hai andhero mein bhi mill rahi roshni hai “….. these were the lines which were going in my mind when we were there attending GB’s 15th yr celebration meet…. so this was the first meet I attended

We started off with the trip to a beautiful house ..(thanks to Harpreets’s buaji) for the place….where the meet was organized …There were around 50 guys who attended the meet….It was fun as it started with the awesome photo session by harpreet ….Then as everyone arrived we started off with an intro round …Was surprized to know people who attend the meets even though they are from far off places.. we initiated the discussion as to How difficult it was back then in the late 90’s to communicate and especially for our community

It was interesting to hear about how it all started…Thanks to inputs from deepak harpreet and satya …The meeting got interrupted by the yummy samosas and the coldrinks …lets not get there …especially on the coldrinks ….people those who were there would know for obvious reasons… Another side which was discussed were the variety of festivals and what’s the importance of us in those festivals….Thanks to ankit for enlightening us on the some of the perceptions on mythology and our community seen together. .

This was followed by a cake to celebrate the 15 yr anniversary which was yummy followed by another round of photo sessions…We also discussed about the legal progress on the highly awaited supreme court verdict …Satya was of great help in educating as to how the current scenarios may affect the verdict….and yes not to forget the suspense that was revealed about his photo comments

Last but not least we discussed the lokmat amravati issue which happened and what are the legal actions being taken to stop such people from defaming us…It was indeed a evening well spent…Thank you so much harpreet, deepak satya, anand, and all the members…It was indeed a lovely experience …..

31st Aug, ’13: Liquid Lounge Presents GB’s 15th Anniversary Party

Liquid Lounge Presents GB’s 15th Anniversary Party on 31st August 13 – It’s a Saturday Nite party

Date: Saturday – 31st August 2013. Time: 9 pm to 01 am. Cover Charge: Rs 750/- – To defray the expenses of the party NO CREDIT CARDS

Venue: Liquid Lounge (above Karma) Sukh Sagar, 534 S.V.P. Road , Mumbai 400007. (Near Girgaum Chowpatty and Opera House; opposite Standard Chartered Bank. Charni Road is the closest station).

Please note that you have to be above the age of 21 to attend GB parties. Please carry proof of age with you: a driving license, college identity card, etc.


The Cover Charge includes: 1. DJ Rocky to Rocck the Nite Krazzy 2. Light snacks like wafers, peanuts, etc 3. 3 Drink Coupons

Some don’ts:

This is a comfort/safe space for everyone. Many people at the event may be “newbies” (those still coming to terms with their sexuality and/or those who have mustered the courage to come to such an event for the first time). We request you to be sensitive to the comfort levels of others and to behave and dress accordingly.

Smoking is allowed only outside the premises and no where inside

No dark rooms and no sex and absolutely no drugs on the premises; if found indulging in any “hanky panky” you shall be asked to leave the party.

Pls respect the safe space which is being provided.

A special REQUEST: During and after the party please DO NOT gather outside the venue. The management has requested us to ensure that, in the middle of the night, the peace of the neighbourhood is not disturbed.

A few dos: Have a smashing time. Carry your Alcoholic Drinks Permit. Rights of admission reserved.

This event is organized by:

A note on Party Days

Just a small note –

GB Parties are scheduled for the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays of every month

Sunday Meet (Bandra) Report 2 (05/2013)

Had an Amazing time at my very First GB Meet.

Lots of Opinions, Views, Perspectives, Outlooks, Interpretations, Miniature Debates, and Discussions all packed in one Splendid session accompanied with some tasty Refreshments that will surely make you want to attend in the Future! 😛


It’s not a Meet, but a Big Fat Family, coming together and contributing towards the welfare of the community and its Queer Population.


Brief Essays don’t really do much justice to it, One has to actually be present in one to understand the actual purpose.


Also, Its a nice place to Interact and make more Friends. 🙂