For you, the Parent

If you are reading this document, it probably means that you have recently learnt that your son is romantically and sexually attracted to men, not women. In other words, he is homosexual. This information may have come as surprise or a shock, even if you long suspected that there was something different about him. It is obvious that you have genuine concern for the wellbeing of your son. We request you to read this article and also refer the recommended links.

Getting to terms with your child’s sexuality:

You may be experiencing

* confusion (“how can a man be sexually attracted to a man?”),
* discomfort (“isn’t this unnatural?”),
* anger (“he is choosing this lifestyle only to hurt us”),
* helplessness (“he has been corrupted by the company he keeps”),
* fear (“what will happen to us if our neighbors / friends / relatives find out?”),
* anxiety (“does this make him immoral?”), unease (“will he get AIDS?”), or
* concern (“won’t he end up lonely and unhappy?”).

All these feelings are completely natural and are experienced, to various degrees, by all parents when confronted with this news.

But each experience is unique. This document answers some common questions, and aims to help you come to terms with the situation.

Is this real?
Yes, it probably is. It has been estimated that up to one-in-ten human beings are homosexual. Men who are attracted to men are called gays. Women who are attracted to women are called lesbians. Some men and women are attracted to both men and women. They are called bisexuals. Most gays, lesbians and bisexuals hide their true feelings fearing rejection by society. Most people presume that all men and women are heterosexual, i.e. attracted to members of the opposite sex. This presumption is not based on fact.

Is homosexuality a mental or emotional disorder?
According to the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association, whose research is respected by doctors all over the world, homosexuality is neither mental illness nor moral depravity. It is simply the way a minority of our population expresses human love and sexuality. Study after study documents the mental health of gay men and lesbians. Studies of judgment, stability, reliability, and ability to adapt to social and job situations all show that gay men and lesbians function every bit as well as heterosexuals.

Can homosexuality be cured?
Since it is not a disease, the question of cure does not arise. Psychiatrists help homosexuals come to terms with their sexual feelings, thereby relieving feelings of guilt, self-hatred and anxiety.

Isn’t this unnatural ?
No, it is not. Homosexuality has been documented even amongst animals.

But sexual attraction between man and woman seems so logical – it results in children. Does that not make homosexuality something abnormal?
Not really. By normal, you probably mean common. Traditionally, sexual biology and the ability to reproduce have been the only criteria when considering sexuality. However, scientists today acknowledge that sexuality has four components:

* Biological sex (what sexual organs does he possess: male or female?)
* Gender identity (how does he perceive himself: as a man or woman?)
* Social behavior (how does he conduct himself in public: as a man or a woman?)
* Sexual orientation (is he romantically and sexually attracted to women or men or both?)

Is this not a result of Westernization of our society? This never existed in our culture.
No. Homosexuality did not come from the West or from any foreign land. Temple sculptures and many scriptures suggest that in ancient India men did have sexual and romantic relations with other men. Of course, one must keep in mind that what happened in the past is not necessarily right. In the past, women were denied education and the caste system was considered divinely ordained.

What made my son gay? Am I responsible for his being this way?
Sexual orientation is deep-seated and not something one chooses to be or not to be. It is likely to be the result of several different factors, including genetic, hormonal, and environmental. None of these factors alone are responsible for determining sexual orientation. Psychological and social influences alone cannot cause homosexuality. Family fears of catching homosexuality, or of being recruited at school or elsewhere are utterly without scientific foundation. According to the American Psychological Association, research suggests that the homosexual orientation is in place very early in the life cycle, possibly even before birth.

Is it a sin?
Different religions have different beliefs and rules of social conduct. But all religions agree that it is better to love and accept than hate and reject.

Will he get AIDS?
Any person – homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual – who indulges in unsafe sexual practices with multiple sex partners is at a high risk of HIV infection that leads to AIDS.

Why did he have to tell us?
Many parents think that they would be happier if they didn’t know. What you must realize, however, is that if you did not know, you would never really know your child. A large part of his or her life would be kept secret from you, and you would never really know the whole human being. The fact that your son told you is a sign of his love and need for your support and understanding. After all, who should know if not you?

Why did he do this to us?
Many parents feel bitter resentment at the fact of their child’s homosexuality. This feeling is based on the assumption that being homosexual is a matter of choice and that this was a conscious decision, perhaps even made to hurt them. In fact, homosexuals do not choose their sexual orientation – they simply are what they are: homosexuality is their true nature. The only choice most lesbians and gays have is whether to be honest about who they are or hide it. Hiding it imposes a tremendous burden – it means living a lie, day in and day out. What parent would want a child to have to live that way?

Won’t society reject him?
That is possible. Not every one is tolerant and understanding towards differences in sexual preferences. But attitudes toward homosexuals have been changing for the better and are more positive in many places.

Will he be lonely in his old age if he does not have a family of his own?
Maybe; but we must remember that this is very often true of all of us. Spouses die, marriages break up, children often live far away, and many young couples do not have children at all. Many of us have to adjust to loneliness when we are old. On the plus side, many gay men develop long-lasting relationships, and the gay community is warmly supportive of its members.

What about the law?
In many countries around the world, all sexual acts performed in private between consenting adults are legal. However, as per Indian Penal Code section 377, homosexual acts are punishable by law. Attempts are being made to change this law. For more information on the Law, read our legal issues section.

Mother’s Story
We have only one son. He went to the London to study and then got a job there. When we pressured him to get married, he blurted out that he was gay. My husband’s response was simple: ‘Are you sure?’ I, on the other hand, had a great sense of guilt and failure, wondering where we had gone wrong. We have always been a close and loving family, and I worried whether my relationship with my son would suffer as a result of his homosexuality. I also had a great concern for his future happiness and well being, as did my husband. I soon realized that our son was the same person I had always known and loved, but through his honesty I now knew more about him. I no longer feel alone; new windows of understanding have opened by asking questions, listening and reading. It was a difficult but positive stage in my life, which took time and patience. I am happy to say that today our family is as close as ever, but our relationship is more open and honest than before.

Father’s Story
How did I feel when I found out my son was gay? It’s hard to say. It was a mixture of feelings. My first thought was – life will be difficult for him. He is different and so therefore he would suffer the consequences of being different: suspicion, fear and rejection by the so-called normal world. This made me feel sad at first, then angry, then protective. How could I help my son? I decided to learn more about homosexuality. Why does it happen? Can it be cured? I later found out that the first question, to date, has no answer, and the second is a fallacious one, because it is not a disease. My happiest moment as a parent came when I overheard him tell a friend, “I have never been as happy and relaxed as I am now that my father knows and understands.”

GayBombay Parents Meet
Gay Bombay organizes several Parents Meet. Parents of gays and lesbians who are aware of their son’s or daughter’s sexuality, come to this meet. They interact with other parents and share their experiences and doubts. They also interact with other gay men who want to learn about your feelings and where you come from. These meets have encouraged many gay men to come out to their parents. With your help, we can know, how to do it without hurting our parents.

There are several organizations around the world where parents of gays and lesbians interact and even fight for acceptance of their children. You can check the following links for more information :

Parents and Families of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

Is My Child Different? — PERIN ILAVIA as quoted in Deccan Herald B’lore -09/02/02
“I have been perfectly happy the way I am. If my parents were in any way responsible for it. I am grateful.” — CHRISTOPHER ISHERWOOD

Perin Ilavia’s Article

Have you contemplated how you’d react if you discovered your child was gay! Would you rupture a nerve or would you react with equanimity? Talking to a cross section of people, I found most of them reacted – Gay?!!

Homosexuality has been prevalent in every strata of society and always swept under the carpet and only recently it is being discussed openly. Though an existing fact, the word is not mentioned and no thought is given to this aspect of a person’s nature.

It can’t happen to me, is what parents usually think. How are you supposed to react? With horror or understanding?

Most parents were embarrassed to be asked about it. A person does not become gay out of choice. Many want to be straight, but nothing can change “that feeling.”

Parents of gay children blame themselves and the children feel victimised by society. “It takes a lot of courage to admit to the fact, that your child is different”, says a mother of a 21-year-old boy.

“The growing up years were filled with pranks, fun – he had a lovable nature and was a brilliant student, inclined more towards music and art than football. Nothing unusual. The teenage days were filled with pimples, loud music, long phone calls, change of hairstyle and dress sense. Had the boy changed? As a matter of fact, he hadn’t. He was the same sensitive, fun-loving teenager”, she says, going back in time. Though unnerved, she says “it’s alright. It is who you are that matters, not what you are”. The boy was not shunned or discouraged, his sisters accepted his relationship and they found his partner was a loving kid.

“I am not sure when I figured something was different about Marcos,” says his mother. It was over a period of time, that he became withdrawn, their conversations were brief and Marcos seemed to be the only boy who was not interested in girlie magazines, or dating.

Most children want to share their sorrows and joys with their parents, but the fear of rejection makes them withdraw. One day she walked into Marcos’s room and found him with his boy friend. She was horrified! This can’t be happening to her she thought. She went into a depression. How would she face her friends? Everyone must already know about it!

After that encounter, Marcos was distant, he couldn’t look his parents in the eye, neither knew what to say, and each lived with guilt and shame, which made the situation tense. It took a long time for them to accept, and when they did, the strained relationship improved. “You cannot know until it happens to you”, confided the father of a teenaged boy. When Surendra’s son told him he had a boyfriend, he didn’t think there was anything wrong with that… until Sudhir said, they wanted to live together. “Oh no”, thought Surendra. “Why? Why me?” He was devastated. He thought he was a failure as a parent, which is a normal reaction of all parents. He loved his son very much but a continual refusal to accept the fact, distanced them. There would be sideway glances and snide remarks, because that is the way he reacted to gays. Surendra was full of self pity and thought of society, which would ostracise his son and him too. His son would never know what wedded bliss was, and he would never have grandchildren and all his dreams for his son were shattered. Who was he feeling sorry for, himself or his son? Surendra felt his son had died and lived in sorrow and pain.

Alice and Adrian knew their son was that way inclined, as Arnold had told them within six months of the relationship starting. It was a shock, but they gradually accepted the fact. After a year of revealing that he was gay, he asked permission to bring his partner home for the weekend. “I want him to meet you, and see where I grew up”. The parents agreed. On the way to the guest room to make the bed, Alice was unnerved. Her daughter staying with her boyfriend was different, but her son and his partner seemed too much to handle. She wondered if she could make separate beds. She wondered if she had actually accepted the fact. Had she, she would not be contemplating separating them and she made up the double bed. She recalls, there were kisses and hugs on his arrival. He was a loving, intelligent, ambitious boy. The next morning when she realised they were actually in the same bed, she asked herself how she felt. She felt alright. She knocked on the door, and was asked to come in. There was no embarrassment or shock, just happiness. They were two human beings who contributed to society and their family, who loved each other. The relationship was totally accepted by their friends.

Many gays who are not accepted by their family, are socially cut off, but if the parent is determined that his child should not be ostracised by society, he must accept the fact first, before society accepts the same.

Homosexual and heterosexual relationships are based on the same things. Searching for and finding a special person to share your life. It is understood that it is not a mental illness as it was believed. More parents are talking about it, encouraging others to face the situation.

It is positively the parents’ duty to support and help the child, say psychiatrists.

It was two years ago that Rita’s daughter had told her she was a lesbian. Rita could not accept it. She had lost her husband, and now her only child had become defensive and withdrawn. Rita was full of mixed emotions. She loved her child very much and did not know how to discourage her. Maybe she should have let her play cricket with the boys, rather than play with dolls. The guilt and shame and the blame was never ending. Self-pity and anger consumed her. She felt she’d wasted her life producing a child who had rejected all her principles and feminity. She felt betrayed. Had she not given birth to her, she would not be going through this heartache. Why did it happen to her she wondered, for many years. Once she accepted the situation, the relationship with her daughter improved.

Why do parents accept? Is it the fear of losing the love and respect of the child? The life of a gay, said many parents, seemed so trivial. No marriages (though now in the West they are solemnised) no births, (now gays can adopt children) yet, it is a relationship of a procreation couple. Children who had become sullen, rude, totally withdrawn, return to love, warmth and a honest relationship with the parents, for, when a child tells his /her parents it is a moment of relief and anticipation. If accepted he or she can now share a very important part of his or her life with YOU — who have shared every small detail in his or her life till date.

I know a lot of gay men, and as many women will confirm, they make good friends. They are not only brilliant and creative, they are perfectly normal people, with the same fears and phobias as we have. Adapting to the way of life your child chooses, is the best, say parents of gay children. It is the parents duty to make the child aware of the dangers and advise them to take precautions and care of themself as the risks are rampant and varied.

A gay relationship is very intense and long lasting. There have been cases when a friendship breaks, to be replaced by another one, causing heartache and pain. Gays could be afraid of ageing, for the fear that they may not be attractive to their partners. Many incidents of HIV have been identified – most of them accept it is the way of life, and it is up to the parents to wither and be devastated, or bring joy to all by accepting the fact, that their child is gay.


Deccan Herald B’lore

9th February, 2002

Coming Out to Mom

Gosh! I wanted to tell this to my mom so badly. My god! today these words come out so easily and a few years back it seemed so impossible. I have visualized telling this to my mom and her reactions – over hundred times in my mind. And I really underestimated her. Because I had solid reasons for that.

My mom is a very conventional middle class Gujarati women. Who hardly speaks a few words in English and understands little bit. She has just passed SSC. She has never read a magazine or a newspaper as far as I know. But she loves to watch TV. She has a few friends and a very limited exposure to the outside world. Family is everything to her. And that’s not all. Everyday is a challenge for her. She is schizophrenic and has glaucoma. Which means her I Q is less than average and can only see with one eye – only 20%.

I came out 5 yrs back to my brother, Uncle, Aunt, two cousins. And my dad (indirectly – my aunt and uncle spilled the beans). They took me to a shrink who advised that nothing could be done if I willingly don’t want to change. So my close family (except my mom and grandpa) no longer asked me to get married. Well occasionally they would get jhatkas (u try with a girl, after marriage everything will be okay, look at your mom and for her get married, blah, blah.). But that was out of love and concern and it didn’t bother me.

What bothered me really was the fact that my mom wasn’t aware of my sexuality. Others knew but my own mom was ignorant. It really hurt me -because her ultimate dream is marrying me to a girl. Day and night she talked about my marriage. I guess she never sang a lullaby it was always a wedding lore. So occasionally I would pretend to read the newspaper and give her the news: two guys got married in New York. Two girls are in love in Delhi etc. And she would laugh it out. (I was preparing her for the ultimate shock)

My biggest fear was that my mom will get a big shock and go into depression – if I came out to her. . And God forbid, if something happens to her I would be responsible. My family would grill me down. I was advised not to come out to my mom – considering her physical and mental condition. It was a battle between fact and dream. The facts hit me in the face: mom is schizophrenic, has glaucoma, will never understand me. She may get a mental attack or shock. She may cry for years and blame herself. She may also go into a major depression, which could be serious. HOWEVER I also have a burning desire and a beautiful dream. Dream to get married to a guy. A grand wedding where my mom can fulfil all her dreams and wishes she expects from my straight wedding. She could dance, jump and sing her entire quota of wedding lore. There will be the usual hangama of a guju wedding. EVERYTHING WILL AS PER HER DESIRE, ONLY DIFFERENCE: THERE WOULD BE TWO GROOMS INSTEAD.

So I had a choice to decide between fact and dream. I had an option to never come out to my mom and kill my dreams or to come out to her and face the consequences. I decided to go for the latter. And I am so glad I did that.

One evening, knowing that relatives at dinner will raise my marriage issue, I don’t know why but I told her those dreaded words: Mummy mani chokriyo nathi gumti. I don’t like girls.

I like boys. I am attracted to guys.

Initially she thought I was joking and later she said it’s all hogwash. Something like that is not possible. I said I was dead serious. She refused to discuss the topic with me. She advised I should meet her shrink. I readily agreed. In the next fortnight she told me twice to visit the shrink. Third time when she insisted I understood that my mom was serious about the visit. My friends advised I should check with the shrink weather he is pro or anti gay. For me the most important matter was that my mom trusts him and is very comfortable with him. So I did not care weather he’s pro or anti. It was a big risk but I was prepared for it. Driving to the clinic I was very nervous: What if the shrink happens to be a quack and recommends therapy. What if he claims he could “cure” me?

My mom would innocently believe him and make my life a hell – hoping that I could be changed with the shrink’s “treatment”.

The first thing the shrink asked me was why I came out to my mom. And I replied I wanted to get married to a guy (God only knows where the guy is going to come from) and I wanted my mom to be present. The shrink turned out to be really professional (thank god). He explained that there are guys and girls like me who are attracted to the same sex and not to the opposite sex. It’s completely natural and nobody’s fault. Further, he added that when he was pursuing medicine he came across many peers like me. He explained I wouldn’t be able to sexually perform with the opposite sex and if got married would end up in a divorce. He explained that we don’t have any right to spoil a girl’s life. IF married I would be unhappy and therefore everybody else. So the best thing is to leave me alone. If she forced me than I would end up torturing myself. So she was to please leave Umang alone.

Further he explained to her that at least I came out to her and that proved I was a responsible son. Besides my sexual preference, everything else was fine – I didn’t have any vices. There were cases where a girl felt she was trapped in a man’s body and vice-versa. They wanted to have a sex change and were physically assaulting themselves. Fortunately I didn’t feel that way. He actually said the words: ACCEPT HIM.

MY mom only had three questions after his explanation:

Q1) How can we change him?
Doc: Only god can change him

Q2) When I am no more who will take care of him?
Doc: His to-be male spouse

Q3) If he gets married and brings home a guy what will people think?
Doc: Don’t worry he will live separately

After that there were no questions or queries. A long discussion on what will people would think followed. The Dr told her the popular parable of the donkey, old man and boy. Doctor and MOM discussed spirituality, karma and Bhagwat Gita.

Back home there were no tantrums. No sadhu or family doctor. No emotional blackmail. However on the same day when I was dancing at Mikanos she was crying buckets. She told me about it later on the way to temple when I asked if she would now ever ask me to get married. She said no and also won’t bother about what people say.
The other day I mustered the courage to tell her to find a guy for me – she laughed. Next I asked her to check if the brother of the girl whose proposal has come wants to marry me. She smiled again.

Today I feel so relived. I don’t have to lie. I can be myself with her. Yesterday I told her I am going to watch a gay movie and meet people like me. When I reached home the first thing she asked me how was the movie. I thought I was hearing things so I kept quiet. After some time she again inquired about the movie and I was so thrilled. In her own way she said it all; I have accepted you. I really underestimated my mom. I have met a few moms of homosexuals and had this notion that only modern, well read, well-educated women would accept their children. MY mom broke my notion.

Today I look back and believe that whatever has happened because I focused on my dreams rather than the facts. At GB meets I joked about my mom finding a guy for me. I ignored the facts and spoke about the dreams: IF YOU HAVE A DREAM THE FACTS DON’T COUNT.

I know my coming out story is not unique but for me it’s a dream come true. Today for me my mom is a hero. She has changed my world and now it is time to give her the world. Once I had told her that except a daughter-in-law I will give you everything. Now it’s the time to fulfil that promise. Because She is a mom who killed her dreams to keep mine alive.



by Deepak Kashyap

  • What makes some people gay and not others?
  • Being gay or straight is not in someone’s hand. Geneticists and other researchers are looking at many areas like epigenetics (hormonal effects on turning on and off of a gene), genetics (DNA make-up), pre-natal hormones and brain structure.

Despite all the wonderful and expensive research going on around the world, we till today don’t know much about anything regarding the origins of homosexuality. The results which we have from those researches are not conclusive.

Having said that, almost all the researches done with a scientific rigor, points in one direction, that is, homosexuality is not a choice and it is a result of biological forces which are not completely known yet. We do know that, parental upbringing has no influence on the child’s sexual orientation like most Freudians have believed up until quite recently.

Sexual orientations are quite permanent in nature and it is very hard to change and make someone “straight.”

Molestation in childhood also has no link to sexual orientation in adulthood.

  • How do we know whether someone is gay or not?
  • You don’t need to know whether someone’s gay or not. It is a very private piece of information about their lives which they shouldn’t be forced to share with anyone they don’t choose to share it with. Respect everyone’s personal struggle with issues they have in life. Give people time, space and comfort enough to come out on their own, if you ‘suspect’ that they might be gay.

Many gay people themselves, generally speaking, don’t have much to question as to what their sexual orientation dictates, because it comes so naturally to them. However, there are still quite a lot of people who can be genuinely confused about their sexual orientation. And IT’S OKAY to QUESTION oneself about whether they are gay, straight or bisexual. As sexuality for some people is too fluid to be categorized in neat compartments. Sexual orientations are not just defined by “whom you have slept with?” Or “whom they are sleeping with?”, but by “whom they desire to sleep and have a romantic relationship with”; the major way one discovers their sexual orientation is by one’s sexual fantasies. Again, one needs to extend a lot of kindness and love towards oneself during this process of self-discovery.

  • Are all effeminate guys gay? Why are so many gay guys effeminate?
  • No, not all gay people are effeminate. There are many “masculine” boys and men who are gay as well. It’s just that effeminacy in a man gives him more visibility compared to the “masculine stereotype of a man”, which helps them blend in with the crowd. Some men who are gay might consciously hide their homosexuality behind the same masculine façade in a more successful way, or so they think, compared to others who can’t help but be visible. That’s also a fortunate reason that most gay rights movements around the world, from Stonewall to Humsafar Trust in India, by people who can’t help but be and look themselves.

Unconscious mannerism (masculine or feminine), just like many traits about ourselves are governed by our biological and psychological natures. Hormones and other mostly unknown biological factors govern how people will sound like (high pitch or low pitch voice), walk like and talk like. If that wasn’t the case, why do you think people will choose to act or behave in a certain way (boys being feminine in this case) which can only get them ridiculed, ostracized and trivialized. When we are not acting, we are just being ourselves. I think we should not let our internalized sexism and misogyny, give us the right to make fun of people.

  • Aren’t most homosexuals pedophiles? Isn’t homosexuality linked to pedophilia?
  • All homosexuals are pedophiles just as all heterosexuals are rapists. Pedophilia and homosexuality have no link to each other. Even the researchers suggest that there are neurological and endocrine abnormalities in pedophilia but not in homosexuals. In fact, some research suggests that homosexuality may have a genetic basis, whereas there is no evidence to date for a genetic factor in pedophilia.

Isn’t sex between two men and two women un-natural? You can’t even have babies, can you? Are you all impotent?

No, it is not. Homosexuality has been found not only in humans but in almost every other primate species, some fish species and other animals. You can see homosexual sexual activity and pair-bonding in flamingoes, cats, bison, geese, dolphins, bonobos, monkeys , dogs, donkeys to name a few. There is nothing in nature which is extra-natural or un-natural, remember the verse Vikruti Evam Prakriti (what seems un-natural is also natural) from Rigveda.

Anyway, homosexuality is natural because it comes naturally to humans.

Just because someone is homosexual that doesn’t mean that they are impotent. Impotence has no links to homosexuality. If that was the case then how is it that those homosexuals who choose to marry women still have children? Also many homosexual couples AND single individuals go for surrogacy. They very well adopt children too.

The whole argument of ‘sex is for reproduction’ is very misleading and simply not true. Humans are among those very few species of animals that have sex not only for reproduction, but to express love, experience emotional fulfillment and to enjoy their lives. It is true for heterosexuals alike. To repeat, expression of love and experience of emotional fulfillment are equally important purpose and some times more important than reproduction. That’s why heterosexual couples with no children are not forced to separate from each other.

  • Isn’t “homosexuality” a western import?
  • It is as much a western import as Kama-sutra and Vedas are.

It is not a western import. It is not an import at all for anyone. It is just a form of human diversity which has been recorded mostly in ancient Indian texts only second to the Greeks.

In fact Indian texts from antiquity talks about homosexuality just the way they would talk about heterosexuality, with the exception of the few texts. Just one look at our cultural heritage from before “foreign” invasions would tell you that those temples in Khajuraho and Ajanta and Ellora and possibly every temple which is even as old as 800 years, could not have been the product of a society which was sexually repressed. AND statutes depicting homosexuality is not a recent addition to the murals on those temples.

  • Homosexuality causes AIDS, doesn’t it?
  • No, homosexuality doesn’t cause AIDS. A virus, called HIV causes AIDS. This virus can be transferred through sexual activities and some activities which are not sexual at all. Straight people (heterosexuals) can get HIV through the same mediums and unprotected sexual activities as gay people (homosexuals) can.

And since when has AIDS become our standard of moral judgment. If that was the case then lesbian sex is the safest sex of all. That should be recommended, shouldn’t it be?

Having said that it is important to recognize that homosexual men are more likely of getting HIV statistically compared to their straight counter parts. That’s not because they are gay, it’s because they are ignorant of the dangers involved with sex itself. In almost every part of the developing world the homosexual population is the hidden and inaccessible population with no means of finding out about the right practices and no power with the NGO of educating this segment of society. The similar case was with the straight population before the onset of AIDS epidemic, but it was easier to educate them and talk to them, as it wasn’t ILLEGAL to be straight.

  • Straight people don’t flaunt their sexualities why do gay people have to do that?
  • Straight people flaunt their sexualities all the time, directly or indirectly, through reference to their girlfriend, boyfriend or husbands and wives, through letting people maintain the assumption that they are straight and by merely discussing their future hopes and dreams about their personal lives. Gay people should be allowed and appreciated if they choose to do the same in their own ways.
  • Isn’t anal sex un-natural and unhygienic?
  • Human anus is and has been used as a sexual organ as well, as uncommon as this knowledge might be. Human anus has a lot of nerve endings which can give a lot of sexual pleasure if dealt with a lot of care just like any other sexual organ. Heterosexual sex also involves anal sex more times than we would like to admit. However, special protection and care has to be used in case of anal intercourse as it is a very delicate organ. It is always advisable to use a lot of lubrication and condoms for safe and pleasurable sexual experience.

Using lubrications for Sex is not natural; Some women who experience a non-sufficient amount of vaginal fluids are medically advised to use lubrication to facilitate and enhance their sexual pleasure. And since when has lubrication become the standard of morality?

Yes, anal sex can be unhygienic, just like any other sexual activity if the body parts involved are not cleaned properly. It’s a question of personal hygiene in general, which can apply to vagina and penis too.

  • Don’t people change once they have married a person from the opposite sex?
  • No, they don’t change their sexual orientation. They still desire partners of the same sex even if they have been married “happily” to the partner of opposite sex. Besides homosexual, just like anyone else should not destroy a girl’s married life, which in most cases is her entire life; by marrying them as a means “cure” themselves.
  • Is homosexuality all about sex?
  • No, it is not just about sex. It is about love and emotional fulfillment, which a homosexual can get only with the partner of the same sex. It is about romance and it’s about the same dreams and hopes which straight people have with their personal lives they share with who they choose to love. It’s about the freedom to be oneself and acceptance of one’s nature.
  • Can homosexuality be spread and will homosexuality increase if the female population decreases?
  • No it can’t be spread. Like it has been mentioned above in this document, no one can choose to be gay or straight or force others to be gay or straight. It is out of a conscious decision making faculties of our brain.

Society will continue to function the way it has been functioning, because historical evidence suggest that in any given population the majority (80-90 percent) have opposite sex attraction, it isn’t likely to change any soon and besides it is in no one’s hand. One can rest assured that if India’s population dwindles down to that of an endangered species, gay men and lesbian women would be more than happy to donate their sperms and eggs to support it back to a less scary number.

We have no research till today to prove that straight men will become gay if the number of women in the general population goes down. This is a myth. We can safely say that increased number of women will not affect the number of gay men born in anyway either.

  • Doesn’t homosexuality destroy the moral fabric of society?
  • The hues and colors of so called moral fabric are very different for all of us.

Corrosion of a moral fabric happens through actions of individuals and not through personal identities. Certain forms of heterosexual activities are threatening to the so called moral fabric of this country like dowries, marital rapes, and forced marriages on the basis of caste, class and color of skin.

Male chauvinism, female subordination and female infanticide giving rise to the alarmingly lop-sided sex ratio are some of the major culprits and threats to the social fabric of justice.

Two consensual adults expressing their sexuality and love for the same sex partner is not a threat to this society. Legalization of homosexuality will only make gay people happier by giving them dignity and full ownership of their bodies and minds, guaranteed to every citizen by our constitution.


Deepak-KashyapDeepak Kashyap is a trained counselling psychologist in REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy) and CBT ( Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). He deals with clients with day-to-day emotional disturbances, depression, anxiety and anger. He also takes a keen interest in dealing with parent child relationships, marital and pre-marital counselling, divorce counselling and sexuality counselling particularly for the LGBTQ community. He specifically helps people come out to their families and make their families understand their sons and daughters sexualities.

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