Gay Bombay Speed-dating & Brunch: A Report (05/2013)

By Dhruv

People, I wonder how these GB organizers manage to do such an amazing event with absolutely no glitches and come out triumphant. I am talking about the one amazing event I attended today at Zouk, believe me it was just so good. The speed dating was a first time wonder bug for me, and gosh I should tell you it bit me in a very very sweet way. I had my own imaginary version of how the event would be. I thought that it would just be a face to face kinda event where you like, you pick and you carry on from there on. But I was wrong and I am glad that I attended this and met some nice human beings and made some awesome friends (of course met some hawwttt guys as well….a little secret after that :P)…

Lets look at the event in details. It started with Ameya organizing the first event of the afternoon, called ‘guess game’. Here different people picked out a name from a skull shaped bowl. These names where filled at the beginning when people entered the pub. So the game was simple, Ameya and another member were carrying a bag filled with different things, ranging from a condom to a shampoo packet! The best thing about the game was that it had similar items, like a baloon and a condom. So the lucky six who were picked in the game were asked to guess and memorise the items one by one in the bag. I know it sounds easy, but lemme tell you, its not that simple :).All this was done while they cant see, only feel :p, So the participants ‘felt’ the items in the bag and started writing it on a piece of paper. So for this game we had two winners, as they both guessed the same number of items.

The next event was even funnier, where the next lucky six participants were asked to dig in the pile of fresh cream and find the candy hidden in it. The catch here is that they cannot use their hands, only face/mouth. Now once the game started, people started digging in the cream, and the visual was just fantastic, cream smeared all over the face…wow. So we had a winner who did found the candy in just 5 secs!..yea..talented in licking i should say! It was so much fun watching people get an early birthday cream facial! The third game was the ‘kiss’ game. Here the set of next six participants had to guess who was kissing them..hold on to your horses guys!!..phew..imaginations i should say :)…the catch was that they cannot kiss on lips, but ANYWHERE else is OK! So Ameya called different random volunteers for all six participants from the crowd. Some people kissed on chest, some on hands, stomach, nipples, thies, neck, bums thats it! Phulleassee you must be thinking someother sensitive areas as well, but lemme tell you none were that lucky :P..i was one of the volunteers as well! So we had one winner, Raj who did very well in guessing, I seriously dont know how he did it, he guessed 4 out of 6 and others were not even close!..did he have a seak peak..?? that I dont know!..but lucky them some of the volunteers were damn hawwtt! Yea you must be thinking that you should have been a participant as well…

The last event was the Pinnacle of all, the speed dating. As i had earlier confessed that I had a very different perception on it, but it turned out to be an different kind of experience. There were all in all 40, yes you heard it right 40 participants in it. I was one of them..:P. This game was simple, they had given two sheets, with details like name, date name, and a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’. Fun as it sounds, it began with a whistle and every participant were given exactly two minutes to talk to a participant in front of them, as all 40 were facing someone or the other. Some of the questions were like regular enquiry like on Planet Romeo. Dear “What do you do?”…”What are you looking for”…”where are you from”…”Top/bottom”etc…the funnier questions were “thank god you are not another gujju” (that guy didnt know i was one) “I have been stalking you and always wanted to talk to you at GB parties”… I mean come on guys, i thought most of us would be more creative!…so in the game you would change the seat and move on to next after two minutes, so that you get to talk to all the 39 guys. I should say that this was immaculately organised and even better was the execution. Results were to be announced after a couple of hours as the members had to tally and give the ‘prospect’ date details to all the participants.

So in the interim, dj was churning out some nice numbers, and some of them were showing off some cool moves. One of them was Avneesh, he is a choreographer by profession and he was dancing so quick that none of us were able to match with him. After people had shown off their dancing prowess, it was time for results for speed dating!..’Raj Top’ thats what i remember, secured the highest hits. Some of them didnt get any…(aWWWW..)..Some of them like me got a sizable hits (Well i got 8). So on the result sheet, the organisers had the name of the people who were interested in you and their MOBILE NUMBERS!…wOW! So that wraps up my review on speed dating. I highly recommend the event to all the beautiful souls out there, and who knows you may just get your prince charming!

Rating (Out of 5)

Ambiance: *****
Pricing: ****
Organizers: *****
Food: ***1/2 (Took away that half due to a bit salty chicken)
Dates Quality: ****
Overall Rating: ****

Nice work guys, GB Rocks and keep up all the good work!

Sunday Meet (Bandra) Report 2 (05/2013)

Had an Amazing time at my very First GB Meet.

Lots of Opinions, Views, Perspectives, Outlooks, Interpretations, Miniature Debates, and Discussions all packed in one Splendid session accompanied with some tasty Refreshments that will surely make you want to attend in the Future! 😛


It’s not a Meet, but a Big Fat Family, coming together and contributing towards the welfare of the community and its Queer Population.


Brief Essays don’t really do much justice to it, One has to actually be present in one to understand the actual purpose.


Also, Its a nice place to Interact and make more Friends. 🙂

Sunday Meet (Bandra) Report 1 (05/2013)


By Parween S






Sunday Meet (Bandra) Report 2 (04/2013)


– Manoj


This report is a personal description of the events at the GB Bandra Meet on the 7th of April, 2013, and is written with the intention of recounting the course of events and topics discussed at the meet, to serve as a recap for those who attended and as an insight for those who could’nt make it. If u feel i’ve missed out anything, feel free to add it in the comments below.


People started coming at the pick up point, at B&R, Opp. National College from 5.50pm itself. Thru the course of the next 30 min, groups of guys headed to the venue, which was the home of the aunt of a long time GB member. This warm hearted lady has opened her doors and her heart to us since 1998. We can never be thankful enough to her for her support and hospitality.


The meet started informally with basic introductions at 6.55pm. A lot of faces were long time familiar ones, but it was also a delight to see a lot of new ones. I might be wrong, but roughly 50% of the attendees seemed to be first timers. Some of the guys who seemed a bit apprehensive initially, quickly got over their butterflies and settled into the warm welcoming atmosphere. I clearly remember, after the round of introductions got over one of the guys spoke up again and said that his real name was not ABC but was XYZ, and that he wasnt feeling confident abt disclosing his real name sometime back, but since he was more at ease by then, he wanted everyone to know him by his real name, which was very sweet.


The event saw quite a few Core GB Members in person too, Bala, Harpreet, Deepak… Vikram Doctor was dearly missed with one guy even mentioning how much he loved the way Vikram Doctor spoke at the Bandra meets 🙂

As usual, all the attendees were guys, 1 dog, and no girls.


The meet didnt have any pre-set agenda of discussion as it sometimes is, instead the participants were welcome to just discuss what mattered most to them. Bala kicked off the start of the meet by formally welcoming everyone after the round of introductions, in his usual soft n smooth manner, only to be interrupted by one of the attendees who couldnt wait to ask when would GB host/ organise the next GB picnic ?? Rumour has it that GB is planning an expensive one sooner than later, but don’t let the word out now it seems, the planning is still underway.


Having discussed picnics, the guys wanted to know more about when we would be having the next famous GB cooking meet ?? it seems that that too is being planned. Some of the guys contributed excellent suggestions about taking the cooking meets a notch higher. A suggestion was made to try and have the next cooking meet at a place such as FoodHall/ DolceVita/ Godrej Nature’s Basket so that more people could attend and also to bring out the talent from within the community. It was decided that this would be looked into with 2 people taking up the rsponsibility.


Another suggestion was made abt how GB shud probably try and start a 1-800 helpline or some sort of a helpline for it members. The pros and cons of the suggestion were debated and it was decided that Bala & Harpreet would take up the responsibility of uploading links to gay friendly counsellors/ helplines etc…, on the GB homepage.


It was also announced that GB very soon hopes to organise 2 workshops, one on Anal Hygeine, and the other on, well, ummm… How-To-Gracefully-Exit-A-Relationship… The news was greeted with both astonishment and appreciation by the audience.


One of the attendees suggested GB organise an artistic event to bring out the inner artist in everyone. Another participant stressed the importance of making gay guys aware of the importance of make-up and skin care.


Since everyone was in the mood for discussing events by now, another suggestion was made about how nice it would be if GB could probably organise, within itself, a Gay Biker’s Club, or probably a Gay Runner’s Club or maybe even a Gay Cycle Enthusiasts’ club…. This seemed to be a bit dicy after the lukewarm response to the Gay Running Event B.H.A.G organised annualy at Jogger’s Park, but none-the-less the core members were welcoming of the idea and said that GB plans to lauch a sort of a forum where people could from now on formally submit their ideas and maybe even, in Bala’s words, Co-Create, the event with GB’s help that they wish to suggest.


It seems that Bangalore has had a very active group called G.R.A.B (Gay Runners And Breakfast) club, where every morning gay guys run to get fit and then congregate for breakfast, and it seems that their breakfasts have only become more popular over the last 5 years. It was suggested that we start a G.R.A.B thingy in Mumbai too, and the suggestion was welcomed by Bala who gave a very positive nod to the audience. (Bala, we are waiting to hear more from you on this front).


After this, the conversation steered more towards stressing the importance of safe sex, about upcoming GB parties, about protecting oneself from FAIRY HAWKS (cute guys who lure you and then extort money) and about approaching the police in such instances. The importance of being able to speak Marathi or atleast taking a friend along who is fluent in Marathi to the police station in such an instance was stressed. One of the youngsters even mentioned that his friends and himself had started making a note of the phone numbers and P.R IDs and in some cases even the photographs of these fairy hawks. Another guy recounted his experience where he had met an apparently decent guy thru P.R, only to find out later that the guy was a murderer who then started stalking him. The importance of using one’s judgement of character and the importance of discussing with friends a potential guy, before taking him home, was stressed immensely.


It seems that a considerable number of guys from the community stay independently, or in some cases with a room-mate/ house-mate. The dynamics of sharing a rented apartment with a straight vs. gay guy were debated upon with most guys giving positive insights abt how everyone today is more accepting of homosexuality and that as long as u make it clear to ur str8 room mate that he is not ur type, u shudnt really have any problems.


We also had a senior member from TRIKONE ( attend the GB Bandra meet. TRIKONE it seems is a gay support group located in Sydney, Australia that actively participates in the Sydney Pride, called Mardi Gras, held annually every Febuary. He also mentioned how just like our GB Bandra meets, they had similar meets in Sydney called, Talks By The Moonlight, where guys who wanna share their stories meet in a public park in the evening and talk, just like us…. 🙂


We also had a young n dynamic guy from G.A.L.V.A. (Gay And Lesbian Vaishnav Association) who spoke abt how he started a branch of this initially U.S based gay support group in Mumbai and how his group organises activities to help acheive more religious tolerance for homosexuality. He also mentioned that the last event that G.A.L.V.A had organised at I.S.K.C.O.N (International Society for Krishna CONscience), was attended by almost 2500 people of which 250 were G.A.L.V.A members…


We also had a cute lovebird couple at the meet, who have been committed to one another since 5 yrs. They discussed their future plans and gave hope to the many singles present that having a fulfilling relationship is within everyone’s reach right here right now 🙂


A few more random topics were discussed accompanied by small talk and a bit of fraternising eventually. Thru the course of the meet, our hosts, Harpreet & Anand, had us served lovely samosas and absolutely warm masala chai.


The evening was a perfect mix of just about everything …, fun, frolic, laughter, … suggestions, insights, discussions, debates, awareness, and a lot of fraternising and samosa eating.


A lot of thanks to GB, Harpreet & Anand, Bala, Dee, both Puas, and the cook who served us everything and ofcourse to everyone who could make it, especially the first timers. If i forgot to mention someone here in the closing credits, it is purely unintentional. Also, If u feel i’ve missed out anything, feel free to add it in the comments below.


Hugs to all.


Sunday Meet (Bandra) Report 1 (04/2013)

*** Small Report on Today’s Gay Bombay Meeting at Bandra. ***

Things started on time and I was pretty excited for my comeback at Bandra meet after 2 months. Entered inside the venue and saw many familiar faces with smiles. We had around 35 attendees this evening and it’s good to see some new enthusiastic and comfortable faces. I can easily spot growing popularity of BRAND ‘Gay Bombay’. 🙂

In 2 hours of span we touched many topics like dealing with people who seek support and help, being cautious and safe while meeting new people (Some of them also shared their experiences on the same), Way of dealing with your roommate if he/she is gay or straight, etc. We talked about our lives and aspirations. A cute couple shared their dream and planning of careers and spending future together. A NRI gentleman shared the scenario of gay Australia which was exciting to hear I was amazed by hearing the fact that in Sydney they celebrate pride month in the month of February and events run for whole month continuously.

We also discussed about GB’s upcoming events like cooking meet, picnic, art meet, workshops, etc and GB completely opened the door for suggestions. Now people can bring their idea of queer event in reality, Just check the update posted on group’s wall by Deepak Kashyap. We not only centered our discussion of events around GB but we also talked about Yaariayn events, Kashish Film festival, etc.

What I have found amazing about this meet is ‘phut phut ke bhara hua talent’ among all the attendees. We had people from health field, makeup artist, singers, filmmakers, IT professionals, event managers, etc.
Samosas were tasty and I had 3 of them, I know you won’t believe it by looking at me but it’s truth. It was a sweet meet with lots of funny moments, thanks to ‘spicy’ comments of Balachandran and ‘suggestions’ by Manoj. 😀
A big thank you to all who attended this meet and turned it into a happening one and ofcourse to our lovely hosts & organizers. ♥

Thanks for reading, I sign off till next event/meet. 🙂
– Nakshatra