10th May, 2020: GB Meet on Zoom

GB invites folks to register for the GB Zoom meet,

Sunday, 5 pm,

on Mother’s Day.
This will be managed through the event created on the Facebook group.

Click here: https://www.facebook.com/events/540714446838695

You can register by sending a message to either of the moderators, Bala or Anand, tagged as hosts the Facebook event, so they can send you the Meeting ID and password.

Registrations are open only until 12PM (noon) on – 10th May, 2020!

  1. Once the Zoom meet is set up, the link or meet ID with Password will be sent in private to those who register by sending a private message to either Anand or Bala.
  2. Then the password will be shared, Bala, will directly send the details to parents we know who may be keen to join.
  3. The moderator of the chats and the participants list will be Bala.
  4. No anonymous participants will be allowed to join.
  5. Everyone cannot talk at the same time. Wait for someone to finish, then talk.
  6. If you wish to talk, please raise your hand, in the list of participants section, on the bottom line of the call.
  7. Everyone cannot be on the video at the same time, because then the call becomes too heavy.
  8. Whoever talks, that person comes onto the forefront.
  9. You can also text, if need be. The moderators will monitor this.
  10. Talk softly, because otherwise the sound becomes jarring.
  11. The free session is only for 45 minutes.