My dear mom,

You said that you hate the way I am;

In essence, negating the best part of me:

The courage to say I am different;

The truth that I want you to see.

The tears you shed, ma, were actually torn from me,

The hurt you bear is only a small part of mine,

It took effort to bear my soul,

It took innumerable moments in time.

I wonder, as I walk away from you,

If you will ever realise,

I am cast out for being true to myself and you,

From under a shelter of lies.

I think, as I walk down this new road alone,

Of friends, of love, of hope, of you and our pain,

It strikes that I won’t even have the grandkids

Who may bring you back to me again.

Yet I walk on, because, somewhere deep inside,

There is this voice that strengthens me,

By being honest about my difference and refusing to hide,

I have had a hand in protecting another destiny.

Mine may not be safe,

If you are to be believed,

But that voice keeps telling me

My soul, my soul, is relieved.


17th June 2011