14th January, 2018: GB Kite-Flying

Participation in this event is FREE. The event is sponsored by GayBombay.

Venue: Juhu Beach,
down the lane of Tulip Star Hotel.

Time: 15:30

We’ll supply the beautiful rainbow kites, you come and get them up!

This is always the first big event we have to kick off the year, and it is always a blast. Its one event that always gets lots of guys – and we’re particularly happy that this is one event that gets a lot of the girls too (we’re less happy about the fact that they always fly their kites better than we do, and cut ours too – but lets see if they do that this year!)

It has something to do with the weather, which is always nice now, and also to do with being out in the open – most of our events always happen indoors and in private, so there’s something liberating about being in the open among all the friends and families on Juhu Beach, just another bunch of friends and family which is just the way it should be.

It also has to do with the fact that there’s no agenda other than having fun and flying kites. Our rainbow kites, which we have specially made for us in Dongri, are really beautiful and we always have just regular people on the beach wanting to buy them!

And no Indian day out would be the same without food, and we’re also providing this, also free. We get delicious specialties of the season, all meant to warm you up (and despite all the hot guys and girls around, and running after the kites, you’ll probably need some warming once the sun sets and it gets a bit cool).
We are flying our kites down the lane next to the Tulip Star Hotel (the old Juhu Centaur). The lane runs between the hotel and the Janki Kuntir colony which is where Prithvi Theatre is, so that’s another landmark (also a great place to have Irish coffee after the event!).

We will be setting up a blue, medium-sized, camping tent on the beach, so please look out for it.
We will get some manja firkis (spools of kite flying thread), but please also bring your own since the more we have, the more kites we can get up. You are also more than welcome to bring your own kites.

For those who want background explanation on the kite flying: January in Gujarat and Maharashtra means just one thing: time to start flying kites again! At this time of the year the breezes are strong and the weather is pleasant enough for people to spend all day flying kites from their rooftops. Go to Bhuleshwar, one of the older districts in Bombay on Sunday, and you’ll find the streets full of kite shops below and the skies full of kites overhead. In particular people fly kites on Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra and Utraan in Gujarat, and GB joins in too. We’re sure you’ll want to come, so see you there.