1st October, 2017: GB Financial Meet

Are you out of cash month end typically? Do you end up buying things you do not really need? Do you max out your credit card and pay only the minimum amount due every month? Do you often take loans from friends? Do you withdraw cash from credit card to spend; then you need to attend the GB financial meet?

Do you not have any idea how much you spend each month and on what? Do you not have clear financial goals in the future? Do you not have any cash kept for medical or other emergency?

Then you certainly need to attend the GB financial meet this Sunday!

Gay Bombay brings you an meet on managing finances!

1. Why is saving for your retirement important. Irrespective of your income, how could you start small.

2. Common approach/mistakes one could make while investing.

3. Ready Tips on where to invest and how. Common risks involved. Range of Returns to expect.



Sunday, October 1st, 2017


6pm onwards


assemble at Versova Metro Gate 4 at 6:30 pm to be taken to the home venue;.