23rd April, 2017: GB Parents and Family Meet

Gay Bombay Parents and Families Meet

Event Description

The GB Parents and Families Meet, presently in its 16th year, is an initiative to bring together parents and family members of LGBT persons who are out to their family, to get them interacting with the rest of the community, in a moderated forum – typically in a facilitated panel discussion format – where parents share their views on a number of aspects, how they felt when their son/daughter came out to them, what were their fears, how they tackled the rest of extended family members, neighbours, their major concerns and so on. There is also a fair degree of audience interaction with parents, in small groups, during tea time and so on, much of it informal. Over the years, this meet has benefited hundreds within the community very significantly by instilling in them the confidence to overcome their fears and come out to their family. The meet has also in the past screened films and short videos on the theme of families accepting and supporting their lgbt children. The meet is often emotionally charged, understandably. The proceedings are minuted in detail and shared with all.

Date: 23 April

Time: 16:00–21:00

Rotary Club of Bombay West
Rotary Service Centre, Rotary Chowk, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu

Entry: Free to all