2nd April, 2017: GB Bandra Meet

The story is that when GayBombay first started having its meets in Bandra, we used to have them at McDonald’s at Linking Road. Once the management asked us to vacate the table there, since there were about 20-25 of us there and we were taking up space on a Sunday evening. So Harpreet called up one of his aunts who lives in Bandra, and asked if he could take all of us there to finish the meet. Without much ado, Munni Pua (as Harpreet calls her, and by default everyone started doing the same) invited everyone over to her home.

This was sometime in 1999. It’s been 18 years since then, and the Bandra Meets still happen at her home. But now, the venerable aunt is leaving Bandra to shift to Versova. So this April, will be the last Bandra Meet at her home. If you have been a part of the journey, all these years, or for a few, try and make it to the home we all are familiar with.

Time: 6 pm (18 00 hours)

Venue: Our meet venue at Pali Hill

Prior to the meet, assembly at Joggers Park Main Gate


At Bandra Station, on the WEST side, take a rickshaw to Joggers Park – we shall meet OUTSIDE the park at the main gate. Buses are also available ( 220)

At 6:30pm: We move to a home venue a few minutes walk away for chat and discussions


Free Entry


As it is a home venue with presence of family members, please dress appropriately; Gay Bombay meets are inclusive, LGBTQ members and allies are welcome!