19th June, 2016:How (Not) To Be Hep! GB Workshop on Hepatitis B and C

Date: 19th June Sunday
Time: 17.00 – 20.00
Venue: Bombay Connect, 4th Floor, Candelar Building, 26 St John Baptist Road, Near Mount Mary steps, Bandra west.

If you thought HIV was the only risk for gay men…say hello to HPV, HepB and HepC!

All three are viruses that can be easily sexually transmitted by gay sex and all three can lead to serious health issues, including cancer.

But all three have one BIG difference from HIV – they can be prevented by vaccination (HPV, HepatitisB) or cured with new treatments (HepatitisC).

For this to happen we need to know about these viruses and how to stop them. DrPrasad, a leading cancer specialists, has kindly agreed to do a workshop for GB on how to deal with HPV, HepB and HepC.

He did this for GB some years back at a very well received workshop. This time he will update it with information about the new HepC treatment that became available last year at (relatively) affordable rates. Gay men abroad with HepC are coming to India to do the treatment here.

At DrPrasad’s last workshop GB had facilitated free HepB vaccinations for those who wanted it. GB picked up the cost to help spread awareness of HepB and safe sex practices.

This time too GB will be helping with the free HepB vaccinations – but please let us know if you are interested so we have enough vaccines.

Also please note that the HepB vaccine requires follow up doses one month & six months after first one. Last time we had followed up and done those at other GB meets, but we are not entirely sure we can do it this time. We will try, but if we can’t you can get the dose done from any regular doctor (very standard procedure).

This meet will happen on Sunday 19th June from 4.30-7 pm at The Hub in Bandra West, close to Lilavati Hospital and Mehboob Studios (map details will be provided). Don’t miss this chance to get essential health information we all should know. And please tell your friends to come!