13th March, 2016: GB Meet on Sexual Health and Hygiene


13 March from 3.45 pm,

at Cuckoo Club, next to Candies at Pali Hill, Bandra (West).


One of the most common queries we get at GB is guys who have medical problems which they think are too embarrassing to discuss with their regular doctor.

And mostly these relate to anal issues that may (though not always) be related to gay sex.

Because guys don’t want to discuss this with their regular doctor they often put off dealing with these problems and as a result the problems become worse (and usually really painful).

We always direct them to Dr.Parvez Shaikh who is one of the top proctologists in the city and has been treating the gay community for a long time. Dr. Shaikh understands our concerns, our issues and our need for privacy.

Many of the problems that Dr. Shaikh deals in are actually very rapidly treatable – severe piles, for example, can be quickly treated with a minor surgical procedure that allows the patient to go home the same day.

Many other problems are preventable by taking simple precautions, which most people aren’t aware of because its too embarrassing or difficult to talk about anal issues.

This is why Dr. Shaikh regularly gives talks that lucidly and without embarrassment explains these issues (and he’s spoken about them to a variety of organisations, not just gay ones).

He has done this for GB twice on Sunday March 13th we have him coming back to talk on sexual health and hygiene. He will answer questions and give details of both precautions that can be taken and treatments that can be done, if needed.

We can’t stress enough how important it is for people to be aware of these issues. It is far better taking precautions than suffering a problem, and if you do have a problem, then rapid treatment is far better than letting it develop into something far worse.

So please don’t be put off by the slightly embarrassing nature of this talk and try to attend. (And don’t assume that if you miss this one you can catch the next – getting Dr. Shaikh to give us this time on a Sunday is really tough, and it may be some years again before we do this).

Please also tell all your friends about this and urge them to attend.