16th August, 2015: GB Bandra Meet

Time: 6 pm (18 00 hours)

Venue: Our regular meet venue at Pali Hill
Pre-meet assembly at Joggers Park


Joggers’ Park is a seaside jogging track where joggers of Bandra, Mumbai congregate.

At Bandra Station, on the WEST side, take a rickshaw to Joggers Park – we shall meet OUTSIDE the park at the main gate.

At 6:30pm: We move to a home venue a few minutes walk away for chat and discussions

Free Entry

1. Ensure that you get to Jogger’s Park, main entrance, before 6:30 pm.

2. Drag is a strict no-no. For the simple reason that though Gay Bombay doesn’t mind drag, the places that host us do. There are also may be many attendees who will prefer being discreet or may be still be coming to terms with themselves hence a request that all be sensitive to this and act and dress accordingly.

3. After visiting the post meet venue, no one is allowed to go back to that place unless invited specifically by the owner of the house.

4. We like to maintain Gaybombay as a comfort zone. This is a platform, which allows hesitant and often apprehensive gay folks to come and meet other gay people. As such, this platform has a strictly non-sexual framework. This group is not about porn, or orgies, or sex-talk, or escorts, or hook-ups.

5. Do get your friends along to help them gain access to a group especially if they are not netizens. You do not have to be “out” to the world to attend. This is a discreet event being held as a clean, safe out” as such.

6. You need to be at least 18 years of age to attend.