9th February, 2014: GB Parents & Family Meet

GayBombay is organising the next Parents & Family Meet in February this year.
This special event, which is immensely popular, is part of the QAM Events.

VENUE: 1st Fl Hall, Seva Sadan Society,
Gamdevi/Nana Chowk. Grant Road West,
Mumbai 400 007.

5-7 mins walk from Grant Road Station (West). Opposite Gamdevi MTNL. It is on the road which goes towards the sea, Wilson College, from Nana Chowk. (Quite close to the QAM March route).
It is accessible from:
a. From Peddar Road to Hughes Road to Gamdevi.
b. Or from Kemps Corner to August Kranti Maidan to Nana Chowk to Gamdevi.
c. Or from Grant Road Station, West to Nana Chowk to Gamdevi.
Link to Google map below.

It is a safe and affirming space for parents and relatives of LGBTI persons to interact with each other and with the community.

In its 15th year now, this event addresses the urgent and critical need of Mumbai’s sexual minorities to integrate their familial and social lives with their personal ones.

Many parents are struggling with questions surrounding their children’s sexual orientation: coming out to their families, explaining what homosexuality, bisexuality and transexuality mean, the implications for prospects of marriage, companionship, loneliness, future life choices etc. Add to this the paucity of resource materials and support networks and the need for an empowering space becomes even more acute.

The parents meet is a structured, facilitated, empathetic and supportive platform for parents who are grappling with these questions to access other parents who have found their answers, and also for a two-way dialogue between queer people who are looking for strategies and role models in their own lives to have a fruitful discussion.

During the meet that lasts for 3 hours with a tea and snacks break in between, parents are not coerced in any way and they can express their thoughts freely.

In the context of the reinstatement of Section 377 with the Supreme Court decision on December 11, 2013, this meet happening within 2 months of this event is specially significant, since parents of LGBTIs had filed a petition supporting the reading down of 377 in the courts and many have spoken out publicly in the community’s support. Hence do attend this meeting to address a common issue – familial acceptance, with a uniquely Indian perspective.

The event will be anchored by Deepak Kashyap, Jerry Johnson and Gazal Dhaliwal.

This event is entirely sponsored by GayBombay.
It is part of the QAM Events Calendar.

Right of Admission reserved.