23rd Jun, ’13: GB Spl Sunday Meet: Understanding Sexual & Gender Identities

GB Spl Sunday Meet: Understanding Sexual & Gender Identities

Sunday, 23 June 2013
16:00 until 19:00
Hotel Imperial Palace, 45, Telly Park Road, Andheri East

A young friend of ours, an exceptionally beautiful girl, very popular within the LGBT community, has written a touching story, “A Lipstick and A Pink Silk Stole”.

The story by Gazal is part of a book compiled by Minal Hajratwala, called OUT. The semi-autobiographical piece, describes with great warmth and feeling what goes on in the minds of the parents of a young boy, who is going through with the sex reassignment surgery. (That is changing his sex from being a guy to a girl).
“I loved it and while reading it I had a lump in my throat so many times,” said one of our friends. And we are certain you will love it too, especially when it is read out by the author herself.

The evening is an attempt at Understanding Sexual & Gender Identities.

We often talk of discrimination that the gay community faces, how we are misrepresented in the media, how we get a raw deal at work, how we are often misunderstood by our family and friends…. But we fail to accept the fact, that within the gay community too, there is much discrimination of the others whose sexuality is different from our own. We suffer from many phobias within the community, and Trans-phobia tops the list. Phobia of men in drag, of members of the Hijra community, of men and women who have changed their sex.

Accepting this will help us understand ‘trans-sexuality’ a little better. After this evening, we will hopefully come away with more empathy – a bit more comfortable the next we chance upon a Hijra in a public space or a person in drag at a party.

2nd Part of the Evening:
The story-reading will be followed by a short film called I’dentity made by the students of Sophia Institute of Social Mass Communication. The film tries to understand the lives of two trans-sexual persons from different social backgrounds. This film again, is as much an emotional journey, as it is an eye-opener.

3rd Part of the Evening:
The screening of I’dentity will be followed by a panel discussion on the film, which will open up to a broader debate on the issues of Understanding Trans-sexuality and the deep Trans-phobia, which many of us suffer from, in varying degrees.

4th Part of the Evening:
In the Final Segment of the Evening, we screen URMI, a short film by the renowned artist, Jehangir Jani. The 10-minute film, won the Best Indian Short Narrative Film Award at Kashish 2013.

“Urmi is a transgendered person living in Mumbai. The city unfolds through her. She haunts public toilets and walks streets searching for love while going through violent encounters with homophobic people and authorities. One incident makes her decide to choose her real self and live it. The film is treated in the Bollywood style… and so obviously has a happy ending.”

We do hope to see you at Zouk in large numbers.

Spread the word around and come with your friends.
(Please come on time)

We assure you it will be an enriching experience.