Sunday Meet (Bandra) Report 1 (04/2013)

*** Small Report on Today’s Gay Bombay Meeting at Bandra. ***

Things started on time and I was pretty excited for my comeback at Bandra meet after 2 months. Entered inside the venue and saw many familiar faces with smiles. We had around 35 attendees this evening and it’s good to see some new enthusiastic and comfortable faces. I can easily spot growing popularity of BRAND ‘Gay Bombay’. 🙂

In 2 hours of span we touched many topics like dealing with people who seek support and help, being cautious and safe while meeting new people (Some of them also shared their experiences on the same), Way of dealing with your roommate if he/she is gay or straight, etc. We talked about our lives and aspirations. A cute couple shared their dream and planning of careers and spending future together. A NRI gentleman shared the scenario of gay Australia which was exciting to hear I was amazed by hearing the fact that in Sydney they celebrate pride month in the month of February and events run for whole month continuously.

We also discussed about GB’s upcoming events like cooking meet, picnic, art meet, workshops, etc and GB completely opened the door for suggestions. Now people can bring their idea of queer event in reality, Just check the update posted on group’s wall by Deepak Kashyap. We not only centered our discussion of events around GB but we also talked about Yaariayn events, Kashish Film festival, etc.

What I have found amazing about this meet is ‘phut phut ke bhara hua talent’ among all the attendees. We had people from health field, makeup artist, singers, filmmakers, IT professionals, event managers, etc.
Samosas were tasty and I had 3 of them, I know you won’t believe it by looking at me but it’s truth. It was a sweet meet with lots of funny moments, thanks to ‘spicy’ comments of Balachandran and ‘suggestions’ by Manoj. 😀
A big thank you to all who attended this meet and turned it into a happening one and ofcourse to our lovely hosts & organizers. ♥

Thanks for reading, I sign off till next event/meet. 🙂
– Nakshatra