Sridhar Rangayan on the GB Film Screening

It was another wonderful day. I went to a Gay Bombay Sunday event after almost 4/5 years (it is just my laziness getting out on a Sunday) and realized what I have been missing all these years!

With a very good turnout of GB regulars and a lot of youngsters (I realized I am totally out of the scene, as I didn’t know 75% of the attendees!!) the evening was supremely well curated by Sopan N Muller who ensured that the discussion around Trans lives and issues were brought about through a very judicious mix of films, story reading, Q & As and panel discussion. I, myself, learnt a lot from Gazal Dhaliwal and Moody Crab – a total eyeopener for me. I’ve formed a renewed respect for them (it was always there, of course!).

Though I had gone there to the event to participate only as an audience, I was sweet-talked into being part of the panel discussion with Jehangir Jani, Galaz Dhaliwal, Siddhant, and filmmaker of film ‘Identity’, moderated by Pallav Patankar. It definitively was an interesting and engaging panel discussion made very special by the personal touching narratives of Gazal and Siddhant.

The samosas and cookies plus Viraj’s birthday cake added a cozy feel to the evening.

PS: Surely I’m going to return for more! (I’m not talking of samosas, but GB events!!)

Vicky on the GB Trek to Tikona

By Vicky

Highway to Heaven

Often we come across the same question on all the gay chatting sites ….”What are you looking for? To which most of us revert “Looking for –Friends, fun and more …I donno how many people stand by me when I say this, but this is all what I experienced in my first ever trip to Tikona with the GB Family coz there were friends there was fun and there was happiness all over .It was an awesome journey which started with a group of people and ende with a bunch of good friends –with promises to stay in touch and to be besides each other always.

The location chosen was apt, weather was awesome, the color of the bus was yak (I was in a green bus),and the people were fun. The trip started early morning. Although I don’t like to get up early, I did get up early but I swear this was worth the effort .The most enjoyable part was the journey rather than the destination…Needless to mention the one line antakshari which we played followed by a round of gay songs and Balaji somgs. Thanks to the improvisations by Sir Charles Williams Junior…HA HA HA….

The weather was stupendous and the trekking gave us a feel of cardio which we usually don’t experience. Yes not to forget the food arrangements were also good .Thanks to the core team for looking into the details….The water of the river was cold but the stream would have become hot later on as some hot guys jumped in to have some fun. Special mention to Mr Edwin Daniel , he clicked pics that were as cute as he is. …Based on inputs from various people I can say that the response was great which can be judged by the fact that almost 100 people were there in the trip. Apart from porn sites the only place where u can see twinks as well as daddies are such trips by Gay Bombay Guys apart from Mumbai were also very warm and cordial…will miss u all….One more thing that Caucasian luke was HOT !!!!!!!!!!…….

Although the journey was not that tiring most of the guys dosed off. But the most exciting part was the truth or dare which was yet to come. The guys were sporty enough to participate. It started with some simple truths to some horrendous dares (Thanks to me…he he he)…But I would always remember the most raunchiest of all truths ever asked to anyone…..”Which is your favorite color..?”….Do I need to mention who asked it…..Let the names be undisclosed……chao…..

Apekshit on the GB Trek

By Apekshit

Had an awesome time yesterday at the GB trek to Tikona Fort. Excellent weather, beautiful scenery and wonderful company.

The trip started with yummy Theplas in the bus and a round of introductions. The journey time just whizzed by with Antakshari in full flow. Loved the war of songs old and new and the ila arun medley at the end of it!

Poha in the breakfast and chai in the cool drizzling weather was a great start to the climb. The trek in itself was splendid, beyond words. Had a lot of fun with scenic views all around, passing through the clouds and mist and clicking dozens of pics. The feeling at the top of the fort with wind blasts and rain drizzles, standing next to your love, was awesome. Singing songs and helping each other on the way downhill we had a good time.

This was followed by an authentic Maharashtrian style cuisine treat. Tasted Bhkakhri for the first time and I hear the chicken was very tasty(me veg). I particularly favoured the Basundi. After lunch it was time for some fun in the river waters just behind the lunch venue. The river bath , the water splash fights with friends and the swimming lessons were good fun. My first picnic and such a fun day!

Thanks GB, Jayesh and Radhey for the awesome picnic arrangements, very well organized and executed. We should have such outings every 2-3 months! 🙂

Dhruv on the GB Brunch with Speed Dating

By Dhruv

People, I wonder how these GB organizers manage to do such an amazing event with absolutely no glitches and come out triumphant. I am talking about the one amazing event I attended today at Zouk, believe me it was just so good. The speed dating was a first time wonder bug for me, and gosh I should tell you it bit me in a very very sweet way. I had my own imaginary version of how the event would be. I thought that it would just be a face to face kinda event where you like, you pick and you carry on from there on. But I was wrong and I am glad that I attended this and met some nice human beings and made some awesome friends (of course met some hawwttt guys as well….a little secret after that :P)…

Lets look at the event in details. It started with Ameya organizing the first event of the afternoon, called ‘guess game’. Here different people picked out a name from a skull shaped bowl. These names where filled at the beginning when people entered the pub. So the game was simple, Ameya and another member were carrying a bag filled with different things, ranging from a condom to a shampoo packet! The best thing about the game was that it had similar items, like a baloon and a condom. So the lucky six who were picked in the game were asked to guess and memorise the items one by one in the bag. I know it sounds easy, but lemme tell you, its not that simple :).All this was done while they cant see, only feel :p, So the participants ‘felt’ the items in the bag and started writing it on a piece of paper. So for this game we had two winners, as they both guessed the same number of items.

The next event was even funnier, where the next lucky six participants were asked to dig in the pile of fresh cream and find the candy hidden in it. The catch here is that they cannot use their hands, only face/mouth. Now once the game started, people started digging in the cream, and the visual was just fantastic, cream smeared all over the face…wow. So we had a winner who did found the candy in just 5 secs!..yea..talented in licking i should say! It was so much fun watching people get an early birthday cream facial! The third game was the ‘kiss’ game. Here the set of next six participants had to guess who was kissing them..hold on to your horses guys!!..phew..imaginations i should say :)…the catch was that they cannot kiss on lips, but ANYWHERE else is OK! So Ameya called different random volunteers for all six participants from the crowd. Some people kissed on chest, some on hands, stomach, nipples, thies, neck, bums thats it! Phulleassee you must be thinking someother sensitive areas as well, but lemme tell you none were that lucky :P..i was one of the volunteers as well! So we had one winner, Raj who did very well in guessing, I seriously dont know how he did it, he guessed 4 out of 6 and others were not even close!..did he have a seak peak..?? that I dont know!..but lucky them some of the volunteers were damn hawwtt! Yea you must be thinking that you should have been a participant as well…

The last event was the Pinnacle of all, the speed dating. As i had earlier confessed that I had a very different perception on it, but it turned out to be an different kind of experience. There were all in all 40, yes you heard it right 40 participants in it. I was one of them..:P. This game was simple, they had given two sheets, with details like name, date name, and a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’. Fun as it sounds, it began with a whistle and every participant were given exactly two minutes to talk to a participant in front of them, as all 40 were facing someone or the other. Some of the questions were like regular enquiry like on Planet Romeo. Dear “What do you do?”…”What are you looking for”…”where are you from”…”Top/bottom”etc…the funnier questions were “thank god you are not another gujju” (that guy didnt know i was one) “I have been stalking you and always wanted to talk to you at GB parties”… I mean come on guys, i thought most of us would be more creative!…so in the game you would change the seat and move on to next after two minutes, so that you get to talk to all the 39 guys. I should say that this was immaculately organised and even better was the execution. Results were to be announced after a couple of hours as the members had to tally and give the ‘prospect’ date details to all the participants.

So in the interim, dj was churning out some nice numbers, and some of them were showing off some cool moves. One of them was Avneesh, he is a choreographer by profession and he was dancing so quick that none of us were able to match with him. After people had shown off their dancing prowess, it was time for results for speed dating!..’Raj Top’ thats what i remember, secured the highest hits. Some of them didnt get any…(aWWWW..)..Some of them like me got a sizable hits (Well i got 8). So on the result sheet, the organisers had the name of the people who were interested in you and their MOBILE NUMBERS!…wOW! So that wraps up my review on speed dating. I highly recommend the event to all the beautiful souls out there, and who knows you may just get your prince charming!

Rating (Out of 5)

Ambiance: *****
Pricing: ****
Organizers: *****
Food: ***1/2 (Took away that half due to a bit salty chicken)
Dates Quality: ****
Overall Rating: ****

Nice work guys, GB Rocks and keep up all the good work!